Sending a Message: Farewell Urbandub

It was on the first day of April that I stumbled upon Urbandub's announcement regarding their disbandment. While all the time that I thought of it as another April Fool's Day joke, the reality just sank in yesterday when I saw photos of #Endless, the band's final performance as one unit last Saturday. 

And just like any other truth we heard at some point of our lives, IT HURTS

I honestly don't know and care much about the individual lives of each of the band members, but ever since I first heard First of Summer ages ago, then came the rest of their songs, I slowly found myself falling in love with their music. 

Why? Try listening to their songs and you'll find yourself captivated with lyrics which usually mirrored our daily struggles, most especially the matters of the heart. 

To add up to that, I've been using their song lines as captions to some of my photographs or status messages in Facebook. In fact, even until now, their song The Fight is Over still holds the spot for being my official break-up anthem. 

But if you're too lazy to lend their songs an ear, I've listed, in no particular order, my most played Urbandub songs and the lines which hit me the hardest. 

1. THE FIGHT IS OVER (Under Southern Lights, 2007)
"Explain to me what has become of us. With words released, we can never take them back. For all that were worth now. Not even pleading can save us."

How could you not emote to this song? I'm fighting the urge to post the entire song. Because every line is definitely #hugot.

It's Just OK.

Dear YOU,

We all get broken sometimes.

It's an inevitable fact to admit but I'd like you to remind you again that you are never alone and do know that it's just OK.

We've all been there. Although that doesn't mean that we can't be there again, one day, we can shake them off and proudly say, we've all been there.

It's just OK to know that in the midst of brokenness, we realize that there are certain things in life that are beyond the control of our human capacity, but rest in the fact that there is a God who can do all things, no matter how impossible we think they are. To be honest, I've been there. It was in that period of hitting rock bottom that I felt extremely exhausted as the troubles and challenges didn't seem endless. But it was also in that moment of weakness that I realized that all I need is to be completely dependent on a sovereign and mighty God who controls everything, and that He can do what I can't. At first, I was too afraid but God promised that He will be with me and so He did.

Like you, there was also a time when I repeatedly asked Him why He allowed things to happen in my life. Despite all the things I've done for Him, despite of my self-proclaimed faithfulness, I am still bombarded with challenges and trials.  Oblivious to me, God is paying attention to my rantings, and He opened my mind and my heart to a thousand realizations, including the fact that He is making me grow into a person He wanted me to be. God stirred up my circumstances because He doesn't want me to settle into who I was before since He believes that I can still be better, that I can do so much better with the purpose He is calling me for. He was actually using this period of darkness in order for me to submit to Him all my hurts, fears, pride, stubbornness, ignorance, doubts, all the things that hinder us from being whole in His love. Had I not been on these struggles, I would not experience the spiritual growth and healing that I didn't know I ever needed.

In the middle of those overwhelming frustration and disappointments, I heard Him say, "Trust Me. Let Me lead you."

Go ahead, trust Him. Even if seeing the next rays of sunshine seems like taking forever, even if we don't know if there's going to be light at the end of our tunnels, you may take refuge in the idea that God has it all planned up and He knows what lies ahead of us. God is too powerful to maneuver things for our own good, all rooted in His love for us. As always, His plans are always better than the ones we orchestrated in our lives. All because He loves us. And even if we don't get what we initially desire at the end of our struggle, rest assured that we are never the same person as we were before - we become stronger, better, wiser, more resilient, more trusting - which I reckon is a pretty great thing.

In this moment, I hope you'll find joy in the idea that being broken will open your eyes to your weaknesses and strengths, that despite of all the insurmountable challenges, when all is said and done, we can still rise above the circumstances. Sometimes, the journey that we are most afraid to take turns out to be an exciting adventure we ever wanted and needed.

I hope you'll find strength in the fact that God is our refuge and mighty redeemer in these moments of weakness. We may feel that He is silent at times, but rest assured, we are never alone. He is working in us and in all the circumstances around us, stirring things up to our advantage. If He can make miracles happen, He can also make things work out for our own good. Just have faith and trust in His timing as well.

I hope you'll find peace in knowing that our God is merciful and compassionate, and that His grace is enough for us to hurdle over every stumbling block along the way. His interventions are their way.

I hope you'll find the love that you deserve because our God can provide every single thing you've been looking for. Don't be afraid to leave space for His miracles to happen.

All He requires from us is to simply trust Him. Breathe in, breathe out. It's just OK.

Just never lose faith in Him.

Always praying for you,
YOU, only better

AllStoresClothing.Com: UK's Wholesale Clothing Store

Oh hello summer!

Pardon me for being out in the blog lately. It’s summer here in the Philippines and with a very great weather, who would not want to be always out in the sun? Definitely, not me.

A lot of people welcome the awesome summer weather with much enthusiasm and gusto that they dedicate months of prepping up to bring out that summer body. But with the problem in change in size also comes with a change in wardrobe. Well, after losing almost 8lbs for this year, I just realized that such problem could exist.

If you’re with me in this issue, then probably the first thing that comes into your mind is to opt for a wardrobe change. I recently stumbled upon this website,, one of the leading wholesale clothing stores in the United Kingdom, which really offers a good selection of clothing in bulk orders at a fraction of a cost compared to buying clothes individually. If you want to save on shipping prices, especially when buying online, then buying products on wholesale is one option to consider. 


Ditch the shoes and don the season’s trendiest flip-flops because, finally, here comes the sun. Just before long-planned summer escapades get rolling,kick off the season with the world’s favorite brand of flip-flops.On March 27, Havaianas officially welcomes summer nationwide with National Flip-Flops Day. Getready for a whole day of festivities that everyone shouldn’t miss. 

Havaianas promises treats all around from partners who are joining in the celebration. Those who are wearing their Havaianas will get exciting treats like a free meal upsize from Pepper Lunch at Gaisano Mall Davao between 2-5pm. Everyone who posts a photo of these treats using the hashtag #nationalflipflopsdayphgets a chance to win a Havaianas flip-float or a pair of flip-flops. 

The Nail Bar Manis&Pedis located at Unit 105 McPod Bldg., McArthur Highway, Matina (Beside Ateneo Grade school) will also be giving very special freebies to those who come in their HAVAIANAS from March 25-27. These Havaianaticos who walk in will be given FREE Nail Polish (Essie/O.P.I/Orly/Chinaglaze) for every Pedicure and FREE Nail stamps to kids below 7 years old. Plus they get to bring home a limited edition Havaianas item and discount coupons. 

On March 27, it’s more on the selfeet and less on the selfies. Everyone who uploads a creative photo wearing their Havaianas and tags @havaianasphils with the hashtags #nationalflipflopsdayph and #selfeet gets a chance to win a pair of flip-flops. To make it more exciting, Havaianas is inviting companies and school organizations to join the selfeet contest and let their shoes take a leave or a vacation. 

Exciting treats also await customers who will visit All Flip-Flops Abreeza, All Flip-Flops SM Ecoland and the Martish Store Bajada.Some of the in-store festivities include free Lulu DK jewelry tattoos and free ice cream to beat the heat. Make sure to get there once doors open because early birds with a minimum purchase of one Havaianas pair will receive a complimentary summer essential from Beach Hut. 

Just for this festive event, a promo on the Original style, an adaptation of the very first Havaianas design, is offered. To top it all off, all items, are given a 20% discount at selected participating retailers. On March 27, Havaianas makes sure that everyone goes home a winner. 

Ring in the summer right and celebrate National Flip-Flops Day. Starting March 27, it’s all about the flip-flops as Havaianas officially welcomes the season of sunshine and kicks off the most exciting adventures.

The New Fujifilm X-A2

If there's one thing I want for my upcoming birthday, then it's probably the new Fujifilm X-A2 mirrorless digital camera. This camera is the recent addition of Fujifilm Philippines to its X-series line, as part of the entry-level compact system cameras. Compact yet powerful. 

  • 16MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • ISO range of 100 - 25600
  • full HD 1080P video at 30 frames per second 
  • Multi-target AF mode 
  • kit comes with a Fujinon XC 16-50mm f/3.5 II or XC 50-230mm f/4.5 II lens
  • come in three available colors: Black, Brown and White

One thing that the X-A2 differs from its predecessor camera, the X-A1, is the LCD screen which can be titled up to 175 degrees, making it one of the best cameras currently available in the market specially designed for those who love taking endless selfies and groupies. People who are crazy with selfies are assured of great image quality since this camera also has a portrait enhancer that makes the skin looks smoother and brighter. Lakas maka-achieve ng #GGSS  (gandang-ganda sa sarili) levels!

A Letter for You

Dear You,

How’s life treating you lately? I’ve seen you both in your happy and ugly days, but these past few days seemed to be rough for you. I may not know the exact details of your struggles, but I can see and feel your pain, and rest assured, someone up there knows every bit and parcel of it and He is turning everything for your own good.

He loves you, really. More than anyone did and more than anyone can. And He has always been faithful to you. You just got to change your perspective and see yourself in His loving eyes. He knows your worth better than anyone. In fact, He gave up His own son in order for you to be saved and to receive an eternal life.

He loves you enough to always turn your pain into gain. Consider these past few days to be a great turning point in your life.  It was great to see you running to Him and surrendering everything in your struggle, but remain steadfast in your commitment to Him no matter how events will be turned. As what they all say, everything happens for a reason. This time, maybe you really need to learn and grow away from your old stubborn and selfish self. I believe you can do that and I look forward to that.

People may come and go in our lives, but there are others who always choose to stay because I do believe, that is what and where God wants them to be. Everything in this world has already been decided. In fact, even before you were born, God has already written the story of your life in His books. Welcome every single day with an expectant faith.  Even if you find it hard to grasp why things happen but eventually, you will. And when God takes anything away from you, let them go, He truly has something better in store. You’ve been there before and you’ve seen and experienced how He worked to save you from something not meant for you. Remember, what is meant for you will definitely not miss you and whatever misses you is truly not meant for you. But when God allows you another chance, keep it and treasure it will all your might and heart. Constantly seek for His guidance and assistance to protect and nurture it with all your life. Only when you ask for His grace will you be able to do things that are beyond your human capacity.

Be strong, my dear. Most lessons in life are really learned the hard way. But trust that you are not alone at this point in your life. Continue to give your love, even at times, the love you give away ends up unrequited. Don’t be disappointed, but instead, sing praises of thanksgiving and glorify Him that you can still enjoy what you already have. God knows the desires of your heart, and He will give it to you, when He thinks it is best for you. Be patient, everything has its own perfect timing. Most importantly, grow in His love. Allow Him to hold your heart in this period of waiting. Learn from all these challenges. Change may not be evident immediately but when you learn to start that much-needed change within the corners of your heart, that growth will be visible without you knowing it. When you think that you can only handle so much, entrust everything to Him in total surrender, for He will delightfully step in to do what you can’t do.  

Hold on to Him, God definitely knows best. And He loves you so much to give it to you in His perfect time.

Have faith in God,
You, only better

Smart X Twitter: Tweet About the Pope's Visit for Free from January 15-19, 2015

Smart subscribers can now share their Papal visit experience online and hassle free as Twitter and Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) have teamed up to offer unlimited access to this popular social networking app on mobile phones for FREE from January 15 to 19, 2015. 

This collaboration allows more Filipinos to get involved and immerse in this historic visit of Pope Francis in the Philippines. All 69 million prepaid and postpaid subscribers need not worry about mobile data charges in getting real-time updates on the much anticipated apostolic and state visit of Pope Francis, allowing more Filipinos to follow the Pope's Twitter account (@Pontifex), send wishes and prayers to the Pope using the #DearPopeFrancis hashtag. 

Text DEARPOPE to 9999 starting January 15
Starting January 15, Smart, Sun Cellular and Talk ‘N Text subscribers nationwide may start their one-time registration for the free Twitter service by simply texting DEARPOPE to 9999.

Once registered, subscribers may tweet their aspirations and messages to the beloved Pope using #DearPopeFrancis. Subscribers may also post real-time updates, upload photos, and even reach out to him through his official Twitter account @Pontifex on their mobile devices at no extra cost.

‘Digital footprint’ of Papal visit experience
The Pope is the 2nd most followed world leader on Twitter today with over 17 million followers across his nine accounts in different languages. His Tweets are among the most popular on Twitter and are consistently retweeted several thousand times.

With over 284 million monthly active users worldwide – 80 percent of which are on mobile – Twitter has become an essential social medium for netizens keeping an eye on real-time updates and social pulse on significant events and issues in the Philippines and around the world.

When the flock tweets
Upon successful registration, subscribers may either use the Twitter mobile app or access on their mobile browser for the whole duration of the Papal visit. Subscribers have to maintain at least P1 load balance every day or be subscribed to any plan, promo or bundle to enjoy the free service.

Moreover, mobile users who are registered to the ongoing Smart Free Internet promo may enjoy the Free Twitter service on top of their 30 MB allocation.

Hordes of Filipino devotees are expected to flock to the scheduled gatherings with Pope Francis in the course of his five-day apostolic visit, the culmination of which is a big Eucharistic celebration on January 18 where over 5 million are estimated to show up and catch a glimpse of the Pope for the first time.

***Photos and texts courtesy of Smart Communications, Inc.***