Pet Expo: Canine Series at SM City Davao

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Renowned dog behaviour counsellor and trainer Jojo Isorena joins SM City Davao’s Pet Expo: Canine Series set on April 24 to 27 at the mall’s Annex Event Center.

Isorena has been working with dogs since 2002 when he acquired his first dog, an Alaskan Malamute. In 2006, he attended the Triple Crown Academy for Professional Dog Trainers in Austin, Texas where he trained under top professionals and competitors in the field. After successfully completing the graduation requirements, Jojo received his certification as a Canine Training and Behavior Specialist.

Jojo returned to Manila and began working professionally as a vet-referred behaviour counsellor and trainer. In 2009 Jojo established BetterDog Canine Behavior Center, the first professional training facility in the Philippines that educates owners in building better relationships with their dogs through positive training methods.

SM City Davao’s Pet Expo is a 4-day event with Pitbull and Dog Conformation on April 24 & 25; Dog Olympics, Pet Training Seminars and Free Dog Vaccinations on April 26 & 27.

Hundreds of dog owners from different parts of the country are expected to participate in the expo. The event is supported by the Davao City Veterinarian’s Office, Philippine Dog Athletics Association, Philippine Canine Club Inc., Davao Canine Exhibitors Club, Davao Agility Unified Group, and Clusterstorm Kennel Club. It is also made possible by PETCO, Homecrest and Bosch.

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Grateful at 27

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Last March, I opened another chapter in my book of life - 27 years of blessed existence. I may not seem to have everything at this age but first and foremost, I am very much thankful for the life that God has given me. I admit, the past year has been one hell of a challenge for me but if there's one thing that I appreciate the most from all the obstacles I've been through, it's recognizing the value of gratitude.

As I turned 27, a lot of people assumed that my birthday wish was to finally find the love of my life. Yes, it may have been the only thing missing as of now, but I do believe that God has His clever ways of teaching me valuable life's lessons before He handed me over to the one He intended for me. Although I sometimes miss the feeling of having someone special to take care of, call me a hypocrite if I don't, I am thankful for the time being - the gift of solitude - a much-needed time to re-establish myself before I allow opening my heart again to another.

Everything’s at SM City Davao for a Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

SM City Davao brings to life the wonderland in celebration of Easter from April 11 to 20.

Prep up your bunny ears and hop your way to the Center of Easter and take a photo with the quirky giant eggs at the colorful garden of wonder at the Annex Event Center.

Easter Egg Hunters celebrate as SM Davao mounts this season’s grandest Easter Parade on April 20. Catch the colorful characters at the Mascot March around the mall and experience magic at the parade performance pit stops.

Exciting prizes await winners of the Easter Get-up Costume Contest. To join, kids ages 3-12 may register with a purchase of the Easter package available at the Easter booth. Application form must be filled out and submitted on or before April 20. Participating kids must bring the Easter basket, bunny ears during the event. Gear up and be this season’s cutest, most colorful and wackiest bunny! All registrants are also qualified to join the Egg Hunting from 11AM onwards. A purchase of at least Php500 entitles the participant 1 egg from participating tenants.

Celebrate Easter at SM City Davao and create family moments over meals. Enjoy an Easter Feast with discounts, special packages and freebies from your favorite restaurants.

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