Beach Wedding Dresses

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In this modern era, gone are those days when all weddings were done within the borders of the churches and other religious venues. Couples nowadays prefer to celebrate their vows of matrimony in eccentric destinations, like a garden, on top of a hill or by the beach. In tropical countries like the Philippines, the beach has been a popular choice of destination weddings, with all the beautiful colors of sunset and the turquoise waters come into play, creating a more dramatic and romantic ambiance. To name a few,  the beautiful beaches of Boracay, Palawan and Cebu have been one of the most popular destinations when it comes to making these life’s special and intimate moments happen.

Unlike the typical church wedding, a beach wedding usually has its casual and laid-back vibe. The trick for a sand-and-surf nuptial is to find a wedding dress that is as breezy and beautiful as the surroundings. There are thousands of available styles of beach wedding dresses and can be either purchased online from stores like, or be made from scratch ala haute couture. There are a lot of helpful tips online that brides-to-be have to take into consideration when choosing the right beach wedding dress in order to make your destination wedding as perfect as you dream it to be.

How to Use Flags to Show Support for a Cause

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The idea of using flags to show support for a cause is a relatively old one. At least as old as human civilisation itself. To some degree or another, flags, banners and pendants have all be used to show affiliation with particular groups, entities and organisations, whether its national flags for countries or waving banners for your favoured football team. They have also been used as a means of communication, such as flying a white flag for a truce, or as a means of inspiration, such as a military regiment’s colours. How to use a flag, therefore, may seem like a rather simple question, along the lines of “How do you tie your shoelaces” and “How do you breathe”. However, there are ways in which you can more effectively use them. Sure, it is easy to buy and then use a flag (just going to a website like It is hard to use them well.

So let’s say you’ve just decided to support a cause. You are for protecting whales. You are behind a particular presidential candidate. You want to support the local campaign to save an old building. Whatever it is, it is only natural to want to advertise this newfound calling, and flags are an easy and effective means of doing.

SM Foundations Calls For College Scholars

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The SM Foundation, Inc., the socio-civic arm of the SM Group of Companies, is now accepting applications for the SM College Scholarship Program for school year 2015-2016.

The SM Scholarship Program began in 1993 with 100 scholars and up to date, the foundation has produced over 1,900 graduates, now employed in their chosen fields. Nationwide, more than 1,300 scholars are currently enrolled in the Foundation's 82 partner colleges and universities.

This scholarship program is offered to interested graduating fourth year high school students. Qualifications are as follows:
  • a graduating student of any Public High School with a weighted average grade of at least 88 percent in the second and third grading period.
  • any document reflecting the household income of no more than Php 150,000 per year. 
The SM College Scholarship Program is inline with Sy's vision of sending one child from a less fortunate family to college so that the scholar could qualify for a better paying job and afford to send a sibling to school upon graduation. By repeating the cycle, the family is hoped to overcome poverty. 

Degrees offered through the scholarship program are in the fields of computer science, information technology, information management, computer engineering, electronics and communications engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, elementary and secondary education, accountancy, and pharmacy.

Scholars will receive full matriculation fees and monthly allowance. In addition, they are also given a chance to experience summer/Christmas break jobs at SM Malls and, after their graduation, will be offered exclusive job opportunities by the SM Group.

Application forms are available at The SM Store and SM Supermarket of SM City Davao and SM Lanang Premier. For inquiries, interested parties may call 297.6998 (SM City Davao) and 285.0942 (SM Lanang Premier) or visit